These video clips show action footage of our escapades. All videos can be viewed in Windows Media Player. Be patient when uploading the clips, if you have a slow internet connection, uploading the file will take some time.

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19 Dec 06
A Wet-n-Wild Christmas
File Size: 19 mb
Film Time: 7:49 min.

What lengths would you go through for a Merry Christmas and the chance to see wild animals? Watch how we survived the deep water and the road less traveled to visit Loango National Park for our holiday!

6 Nov 06
Cameroon Mudbath
File Size: 14 mb
Film Time: 9:08 min.

10 days, 25 miles, lost car parts, NO roads and LOTS of mud... our welcome to Cameroon!

24 Jun 06
Pico de Fogo
File Size: 9 mb
Film Time: 2:40 min.

Watching out for hot lava, we make the attempt to climb over 2000 meters to the top of an active volcano thar last erupted in 1995.

25 May 06
Chinguetti Camel Trek
File Size: 13.9 mb
Film Time: 4:39 min.

Watch us fight off the sun, the sand and the flies as we ride camels through the Sahara Desert.

30 Apr 06
File Size: 10 mb
Film Time: 2:43 min.

Ginger, the Damsel in Distress is rescued by her White Knight, Betty when a river crossing in Morocco doesnt go as planned!

29 Apr 06
Girl Power!
File Size: 8.91 mb
Film Time: 2:22 min.

Sharikay puts her 4WD training to the test and navigates a sucessful river crossing.

28 Feb 06
The Snowshoe Shuffle
File Size: 11.1 mb
Film Time: 4:27 min.

Watch us climb to over 3300m in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range of Granada, Spain.

15 Nov 05
Gettin' Dirty with Berkshire 4x4
File Size: 5.72 mb
Film Time: 3:19 min.

Watch us during our Off Road driver training to see how we'll we maneuver the tough terrain