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  Last updated: 4 February 2009

Shocking 'Reality'
Just in the nick of time Ginger made a mad dash for the final crossing back into the UK. As for Sharikay & Eric - they are figuring out the next stages in life! Since they won't constantly be 'on the go', they will FINALLY have more time to work on updating the website!!

to our latest and most greatest adventure. In this episode, we left our comfortable lives behind, quit our jobs, bade adieu to family and friends and bought a Land Cruiser for a trip around the world.

Having whetted our appetites with shorter trips to places like India, New Zealand, Turkey and Argentina, we decided it was time to see the world at our own pace and take the journey of a lifetime. In February 2006, the expedition begins... overland from London to Cape Town to Ethiopia, enjoying all that Africa has to offer along the way - and then some! After Africa the possibilities are endless - the Middle East, Australia, South America, who knows? We don't...

For us, Border-Crossings is about venturing into territories so few have the chance to experience. It's about crossing personal "borders" to gain a better understanding of our world, about ourselves and about each other. On our journey we will no doubt face many new experiences. On this site you will be able to follow our route, check out our ride, view pictures, monitor progress and keep in touch.

So grab your pith helmet and buckle up for what should be a memorable ride for all of us. It's great to have you along!