19 November 04 - Landed In Istanbul
24 November 04 - Happy Turkey Day
26 November 04 - All Stuffed In Turkey
26 November 04 - Izmir, Western Anatolia

Landed In Istanbul - 19 November 2004

Eric writes...

Although I've only been here a few hours, I like it already. It's a very modern city, much more so than I expected (so far). The airport is great and getting a bus into town was easy. The sidewalks are bizzarre and crazy, though, with steps up and steps down every few feet. You really have to watch where you're walking so you don't trip.

In the little I've seen of it, it's a very vibrant city. I got in just before sundown and things were shutting down, but I can tell it's going to be crazy busy tomorrow. The sites that I drove and walked by look really impressive already. I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

I lucked out because Germans don't need visas, so I didn't have to pay at the airport.

The weather was warm today when I arrived, probably around 55 degrees. However, it's very windy. It's cooling down tonight and it's going to snow tomorrow.

Sharikay, A few note for you...

- I decided not to stay in the Konya Ayteking Pension. What a hell hole! Dirty grungy and cramped. Cheap, too, though, but I had to consider the "Sharikay factor". I decided on our backup plan: the Istanbul Hostel, a few blocks over. By comparison, it's like the Four Seasons.