Our family and our friends

for their support and encouragement. They thought we were nuts and were ready to call the padded wagon when we first mentioned the idea and a few of you have had some sleepless nights ever since. Rest assured we will be safe, smart and take care of each other the entire journey. We will miss you while on the road, but you will be in our thoughts. Those of you planning on joining us, we look forward to your company and being able to share this amazing experience with you.

Our travel partners   (taleoftwotravelers.com)

Jim & Sheri O'Neal, for helping share the burden and helping to keep our sanity. It was a wild ride even before we got started! Working together to achieve this life dream would have been a tough accomplishment without your help, advice, support and countless hours on the phone! We were very fortunate to find two other people just as insane as we are who were willing to commit to such an undertaking. We look forward to making memories and sharing the great adventures ahead of us!

Matt Savage   (mattsavage.com)

for kitting out Ginger and getting her road worthy! Your talent, knowledge, time, advice and great sense of humor is priceless - Thank you just doesn't say enough! If you need work done on your truck Matt is THE MAN!

Rampart Systems   (rampartsystems.com)

Malcolm Taylor for all of his IT support and computer advice. From helping select a laptop, setting it up, buying the equipment and getting us on "the web". We can't thank you enough for your generosity to "support" us on the road. Fingers crossed all goes as expected! If you are in need IT support at home, in the office or on the road - Malcolm is a wizard and the man who should be helping you out!

HSBC Offshore

Our fantastic relationship manager for his help in setting up a financial guarantee for our truck's carnet. His ability to cut through paperwork and make things happen in short order was invaluable and much appreciated. Without his help, we'd be driving around the UK!

Web Site Design

Jason Simons   (jasonsimons.com)

A simple thank you isn't enough for the amazing job you have done for us. When our first attempt at this with someone else went sour, you helped us out when it mattered most and for that we are deeply grateful. After giving up, what some men consider a "dream job" working for Playboy in Chicago, Jason took his Photoshop airbrush and headed West to sunny California for a new life and new career as a freelance web designer. Always on the cutting edge, his creative talent and vision are exceptional. If you are around the corner or across the Atlantic, his ability to interpret what you need is brilliant. Looking to create a website or need help redesigning your existing site... look no further.

Felix Bennett   (felixbennett.com)

A personal friend and talented illustrator, who is also quite entertaining to be with when sharing a pint! The bon voyage gift of your artwork was couldnt have been more perfect and we are thrilled be sharing it with everyone who views the website. Your thoughtful gift is most appreciated! click for art samples

Those who helped us to prepare...

Overlanding buddies

There will be many more we meet on the road, but in the early stages, there have been many emails and conversations sharing information and giving advice on trucks, equipment, services, routes and overall logistics. Without those who have gone before, we would not be as prepared. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us, it is MUCH appreciated. Be sure to check them out...